Cocoshnick in Australia: Celebrating the Artistry of Russian Costume with Tamara Barrass at the Art and Craft Festival

Cocoshnick in Australia – Theatre of Russian Costume: Showcasing Tamara Barrass at the Art and Craft Festival

We are thrilled to introduce Tamara Barrass, the founder of the unique creative project “Cocoshnick in Australia – Theatre of Russian Costume,” as a participant in our Art and Craft Festival. Tamara meticulously studies the history of Russian costume, creating exquisite outfits and decorations while also engaging actors for her project.

She takes pride in her extensive collection of Russian costumes and kokoshniks, which she brought from Russia and continues to enhance with her own creations. Adorned with trimmings and pearls, her new costumes feature skirts, aprons, headscarves, necklaces, and, of course, kokoshniks.

In Melbourne, she mastered the ancient Russian technique of raised embroidery, known as “sazheniye po beli.” This intricate yet incredibly fascinating process of stitching with pearls adds a special charm to her creations.

The “Cocoshnick in Australia – Theatre of Russian Costume” project has been thriving for over 10 years. As an educator, Tamara understands the importance of her work, which involves not only creativity but also costume displays, engaging participants, community outreach, and preserving Russian culture outside of Russia.

Tamara genuinely loves her project and believes that it helps not only herself but also others to showcase their talents. Join us at the Art and Craft Festival to admire her work and experience the richness of Russian culture!

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