Slavic Art and Craft Festival – Artisans’ Fair.

Introducing the Participants of the Slavic Art and Craft Festival – Artisans’ Fair.

👏 Let’s welcome Svetlana Runi from the sunny city of Gold Coast. Svetlana embroiders beautifully intricate flowers on clothing. She is incredibly passionate about her craft and loves sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm.

We had a wonderful and joyful interview with Svetlana. Be sure to watch it to uplift your spirits 😊 We hope to see Svetlana at the Artisans’ Fair in Sydney on June 18th.

👉 Just a reminder, if you would like to become a participant in the project, please fill out the form:

For interview video recording:

To participate in the fair in Sydney on June 18th:

For all craftswomen, participation in the fair is FREE.

All information about the fair can be found on the event page:

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