Celebrating Cultural Diversity: Sydney’s Darling Harbour Hosts 25th Children’s Festival

The iconic Darling Harbour in Sydney was adorned with the vibrant presence of children as it hosted the momentous 25th Children’s Festival. Dozens of children graced the park’s stage, showcasing their cultures through songs and dances, highlighting the power of multiculturalism in creating a stable and successful society. The pinnacle of the event was a choir of children dressed in traditional costumes, harmoniously singing the Australian national anthem.

Marking the festival’s opening, Minister for Multiculturalism, Mark Kur, remarked, “We aim to help the diverse communities of our state celebrate their culture and share it with everyone. We showcase to the world how different communities can live together in harmony. It is primarily because we all cherish the hope and opportunities our country has to offer,” he said.

Speaking to the gathered crowd at Tumbalong Park, the President and Founder of the Children’s Festival organization, Mr. Tuat Nguyen AM, stated, “Our experience with organizing the Children’s Festival has shown us that this event promotes social cohesion and fosters peace within our community.”

The festival also saw the participation of the Kalinka Children’s Ensemble and the Russian School “Harmonia.”

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