Happy Australia Day, friends!

The celebration began with the National Australia Day Awards ceremony, accompanied by fantastic musical performances by the Pearls and Sapphires group and the Australian Opera soloist Gennadi Dubinsky.

We made an effort to introduce you all to the wonderful individuals who were honored with Australia Day Medallions and the Citizen of the Year Award 2023. Video interviews with each nominee are available on our page.

After the official ceremony, the festivities continued with entertainment for children and adults alike. Guests participated in boomerang coloring workshops, creating appliques from Australian herbarium, crafting mimosa brooches from beads, knocking down skittle pins with slingshots, and learning to play the didgeridoo.

The celebration concluded with a themed intellectual game of “What? Where? When?” specially prepared for Australia Day. The game was engaging, exciting, and educational, as participants learned many new things about this amazing and remarkable country.

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